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You enjoy everything about tobacco-the smell, the taste, and watching the smoke flow up and away. You also like all the accessories that can be used with the tobacco. From pipes to atomizers and e-juice, you like trying it all. An awesome website to get all of these in one place is They have all your ecig and ecigar needs in one place. Check them out and see what your next favorite item will be.

E-cigarettes are the newest addition to the tobacco scene, and a must-have for the e-cigarettes is the e-juice. GotMyVape’s e-juice takes the tobacco experience up a notch and offers tempting flavors. They have delicious flavors like blueberry, wintergreen, watermelon, white grape, cinn-full pear, snickerdoodle, peach nectar, peppermint patty, pepper-minth, and red hot cinnamon, just to name a few. They also have distinct flavors such as sweet tobacco and whitehorse ice tobacco. Sweet tobacco has delicious notes of honey, real vanilla, and fresh cherry all blended together perfectly to create the perfect mixture of sweet and satisfying.


Whitehorse ice tobacco brings the well-known flavor of their 555 flavor blend and mixed it with the satisfyingly-ice cold combination of menthol and other flavors. This blend comes with a one-two punch of the delicious Whitehorse ice flavor with an icy-cool finish.

            And if you’re just getting started experiencing e-cigarettes or cigars, GotMyVape has the starter kits you need. The eGo Jewel Starter Kit is a great choice because it is an excellent starter e-cig that is better than your typical gas station variety of e-cigs. The Jewel is a great way to experiment with e-cigs without emptying your wallet. These e-cigs are ideal options for gifts to friends and family. Buy one for all the e-cig fans in your life.


Tanks and atomizers are another e-cig necessity that you can find on GotMyVape. The UD Coil Jig Set is a top pick because it is perfect for all builders, from beginners to professionals. All the necessary tools and accessories are included, which makes it an even better value.

            GotMyVape has all the PVS and mods you need. Look at the uCigar Pre-Filled Cartomizer. This one comes in a pack of two, which makes it an excellent value. This is one of the preferred uCigars because it delivers 1,200 or more puffs per cartridge. Amazing, right?

            The ProVari is a fan-favorite because of the ability of the user to adjust its voltage. The ProVari Mini is a popular model because it is a microprocessor-controlled electronic vaporizer that allows the user to adjust its voltage with just a few presses of a button. The ProVari 2.5 Mini-Zombie is a hit with customers because of its great performance and its attractive design. The ProVari Mini Zombie features a neon green finish with bright red splatter. This is a limited edition, so you must act fast!


GotMyVape is a one-stop-shop for all things vape. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, GotMyVape has all the e-cigarettes and e-cigars, accessories, and tools you need to make your collection complete. Check them out today before your stash goes up in smoke!

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