Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth (30ML) Review

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As vaping comes full circle, more and more e-liquid flavors are making their way to the market. E-juice flavors are designed to help vaping enthusiasts enjoy the vaping experience by sampling different flavors at different times. Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth is one of the sweet tasting dessert type e-liquids that leave vapers aching for more every time they indulge. It is worth mentioning that this e-juice is not named after the specific flavors it embodies as a way of distinguishing it from other available options.


Read on below to find out exactly what to expect when it comes to vaping Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth e-liquid.


Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth comes in an attractive 30ml glass bottle. The bottle is clear, giving vapers a clear view of the contents within. This is especially beneficial when it comes to checking the level of the remaining e-liquid with each subsequent vaping session. A glass eye dropper is used to transfer the e-liquid from the glass container to the e-liquid tank in use. Glued onto the surface of the glass bottle is a label. It indicates the brand’s logo, some important information of the contents of the bottle and applicable warnings.


Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth comes with a 70/30 VG/PG mix. This ratio influences the throat hit and vapor production associated with the e-liquid. In this case, the ratio translates into a smooth, throaty hit and thick vapor production. Vaping this e-juice at higher wattage produces huge vapor clouds all through.


Since the e-liquid comes with a 0 to 18mg nicotine level, the color of the solution in your clear bottle varies from clear to orange.


Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth is a sweet tasting e-liquid that captures a smart combination of flavors. This is a creamy vanilla, graham cracker flavor meant for vaping enthusiasts who have a sweet tooth. Smelling the e-juice reveals a vanilla note to it. As one of the most highly rated e-liquid flavors in the whole line, it is associated with a sweet dessert vape. Since this e-juice is more of a sweet dessert type, it comes with a throaty hit. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that as a VG e-liquid, the Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth produces huge vapor clouds; all you cloud lovers will definitely have something new to try!


The Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth e-liquid is definitely one of the highly rated flavors today. Its sweet vanilla and graham cracker flavor makes for a great vape with a cup of coffee in the morning; especially if you prefer sweet dessert treats with your morning coffee. Whether you prefer to make this your all day vape or an occasional vape, it’s up to you and your preference for sweet flavors.