Boyd’s Bounty E-Liquid (30ml)

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The best of e-liquid is here, the Boyd’s Bounty E-Liquid (30ML). The company has maintained the beauty, class and now they have introduced a more modern flavor that is just acceptable to a wider market segment.  If you are a vapor that likes tobacco, this is what you have been looking for. The product is available mainly in oatmeal, raisin and tobacco flavors.


Boyd’s Bounty E-Liquid (30ML) comes in a 30-milliliter glass bottle which has a childproof dropper cap.  Honestly, it is not an easy task to get a quality tobacco vape juice, but that ends with this e-juice. This product is an oatmeal cookie with a tobacco note that has this significant after-effect. Boyd’s bounty e-juice is one complex of a manufacturing process that has become a success regarding combining the various ingredients.

Tobacco lovers should be part of Boyd’s Bounty celebration because of they are now both enjoying the product as a manufacturer and a consumer. A bottle of this juice will transform your vaping experience, and you are sure to get more. The tobacco flavor is created in such a way that it is not strong enough to kick away the non-tobacco users who are interested.

When it comes to price, you will find the e-juice cheaper compared to how to enjoy vaping. The e-liquid is exquisite, and the flavor is way better than it sounds especially if you want a strong favor that has a dense smoke. If you have tried tobacco e-juices, you might think this is another hyped flavorless e-liquid. However, that is not the case since the first few puffs will give you a sweet flavor that lasts long. Again, the vapor is easy to inhale and exhale so you will not need to try first before you get to enjoy it.

Boyd’s Bounty created a great and complex e-liquid that will make you fall in love with it instantly. The e-liquid is ideal for drippers and sub-ohm tanks because of the blend of the ingredients. 70 % is based on vegetable glycerin with a wide range of nicotine levels.  5 different nicotine strengths (0, 1.5,3,6 and 9 milligrams) give the buds a good number of options to choose from. All the strengths have them savor effect, so you do not have to take a stronger e-liquid to get the best results.

Feel free to try this e-liquid because you are going to like it. Whether you are a tobacco user or not, you will enjoy the first puff and immediately change to Boyd’s Bounty E-Liquid (30ML). Load the tank then do a few puffs and you will realize the blending of tobacco plus other ingredients is amazing for such a fair price.