Choosing the Most Suitable E-Liquid

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Flavored e-juice might be the most thrilling part about the electronic cigarettes. This is because users get a wide range of flavors to choose from, much more than other traditional cigarettes offer. But how will you know which e-liquid to buy? Read on for more tips on creating your e-cigarette starter kit.






What is e-juice?

E-liquid or e-juice is the substance that fills up the cartridge in an e-cigarette, which is converted into vapor as you inhale. It is a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, with added flavorings and nicotine. The ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol is what affects the vapor that is produced. Vegetable glycerin usually produces more vapors but fewer flavors while the opposite applies to propylene glycol. Most of the e-liquid products today come with less VG than PG, but this ratio can also be changed based on your preferences. PG is more effective by simulating the feeling of smoking as it is linked with a better throat hit. This throat hit refers to the sensation that you receive once nicotine vapor reaches your throat. The advantage of using e-juice for vaporizers is that it is very customizable, thus enabling you create the best e-cigarette experience.


Nicotine Strength of the e-juice

The next consideration when purchasing e-juice is to check the nicotine strength. The available strengths usually range between 0mg/ml and 36mg/ml. The level of nicotine you choose to vape in your vapor cigarette will depend on the number of traditional cigarettes you are used to smoking. The high nicotine strength is great for people who normally smoke more than 2 packs every day while e-juice with no nicotine helps people who have quite cigarettes better deal with their oral cravings. Most first-time users of e-cigarettes tend to overestimate the level of nicotine they will need. Be very careful to make sure that you do not follow the same path to avoid a nicotine overdose as well as enhancing your addition. It is recommended to take lower doses more frequently as compared to taking too high doses as you vape.


Choosing an e-juice Flavor

When choosing your e-liquid flavor, you should know your personal preferences to be able to make a good choice. Most ex-smokers like starting with e-juice flavors that closely mimic the cigarettes they were used to smoking. For instance, if you preferred menthol cigarettes, you should start with e-liquids that have some menthol in them to ease you into the vapor cigarette.

You could also try e-juice flavors that remind you of various alcoholic drinks like whiskey, rum, and champagne or other beverages like cappuccino, green tea, and root beer. Some people even use food flavors like cinnamon, licorice, and coconut as well as desserts like chocolate, cotton candy, and cheesecake. Basically, there is a vast range of e-liquid flavors that you can sample and find one that fits your taste needs. Some of the advanced uses of vaporizers even recommend mixing different flavors as part of the e-cigarette starter kit so that you get the best of everything.


Store your e-juice properly

To ensure better use of the e-cigarette starter kit, you should store your ecig batteries and e-juice properly. For the e-liquid, look for a cool and dry place where it will not get directly affected by sunlight and place it there. Some users recommend shaking your bottle often so as to distribute the flavors evenly in the liquid. In addition, make sure that you keep it far away from children as well as pets. Children are usually attracted by the appealing smell, but they may easily get overdosed due to the nicotine content if they find it and use it on their own, thus keeping it away from their reach is important.


The vapor cigarette is very customizable, and all parts of it may be tweaked so as to suit your needs better. As you get comfortable with your e-cigarette starter kit, you can try experimenting with different types of e-juice flavors and strengths. Hence, you can start by ordering different kinds of strengths and flavors and establish the ones you like. Moreover, it is great to have many flavors on hand because you may get tired of use the same flavors every time you vape.


Where can I find e-juice?

As many people start enjoying the vape sensation, the number of stores providing e-juice products has risen steadily. However, this also means that the quality may be affected since you cannot really tell which one has the best products. It is great to get all your vapor cigarette accessories from one place to guarantee high quality. You can now check out today for the widest collection of vaporizers and other essential accessories you need to vape effectively.

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