Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mustache Milk E-Liquid (30ML)

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Charlie’s Chalk Dust is considered as among the most original companies selling e-liquid. They offer a wide range of very unique flavors which are not available anywhere else. One of the best products they offer is the Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mustache Milk E-Liquid (30ML). The flavors evident in this e-liquid are milk and cereal. There is no doubt that this is one great flavor which will start your day off right by chasing those clouds away.


Product Features

Moustache Milk is a highly recommended breakfast e-liquid which combines together sweet and savory flavors of cereal, with some hints of milky cream, making it the best blend that you can fill your drip or tank without something sweet, without having to feel any guilt. This flavor can be enjoyed at anytime during the year. A lot of users love the fact that this flavor is “out of this world”. It is not soggy at all, with milk that is creamy, while the rest is fruity and sweet. If you are a lover of cereal, you will certainly love the Moustache Milk from Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust.

Aside from the product itself, the reputation of the company offers several advantages. As a matter of fact, if you read reviews about the company online, you will barely see any criticisms about the products that they offer. This is because they only focus on offering originality to their customers, thus presenting a really good image to the customers. True, every person may have his or her own taste; however, there are not a lot of reasons why the flavors offered by this manufacturer is not likeable at all.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a line that exclusively focuses on e-liquids which has a small flavor selection. This alone is already a positive point that you can take into consideration. With a single line of product, the team behind the product is able to focus towards dedicating their resources and time towards the creation of the best quality of e-liquids possible. On top of that, even though the flavor selection of the company may be somewhat limited, it is clear how much pride they actually show in every creation that they offer to the public.

As such, the Mustache Milk is a unique e-liquid that you will certainly enjoy. You have the assurance of originality and quality, something that is an assurance, provided that you are using the original, and not just an imitation product. Also, you will certainly feel the heavenly taste of milk and cereal combined in every hit. Lovers of sweet e-liquids will certainly appreciate the creation of this unique and heavenly flavor that will entertain their palate.