Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit

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The new Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit is a pretty short mod with a 0.8ml tank being used in the device. Since it is possible to see e-liquid through the window, you may be misled into thinking that the mod has more capacity than just 0.8ml, but this illusion is due to the skinny tank. Measuring just 64.5mm long, the Eleaf iNano is one of the best compact vape mods.

eleaf inano

What do you get with the Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit?

The Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit is quite short, and its tank is also very skinny. The reason Eleaf used a slim tank is both because it was designed to comfortably fit in the small frame, but also long enough to ensure the mouthpiece pokes through the top. As a result, the narrow and tall part gives the iNano a nice finishing touch, much like a cherry on a banana split. An included silver mouthpiece will suite all the possible colors of the Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit, ranging from gold, gray, silver, black and hot pink.

The width of the Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit is only 19.5mmm when turned on its narrow side. The face only measures 29mm, and there are no physical buttons except a small rectangular one at the top to switch on the device. It is important to note that this particularly mode is not a variable wattage or variable voltage device, rather it uses direct voltage to ensure consistency during vaping.

In terms of power, the Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit comes with a small but highly capable 650mAh cell that is guaranteed to give you a quality throat hit. For people who want a mouth to throat mod, the iNano is highly recommended. Another notable design feature of the iNano is that Eleaf uses a distinctive magnetic connection between the host device and tank, which offers a solid connection without the need for using screw heads. This makes the Eleaf system proprietary, and there is no need of finding another atomizer tank that matches the proportions of your iNano. That is the benefit of using an all-inclusive kit.

When it comes to the mouthpiece, users of the Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit will find it easy to inhale and use this mode. The narrow, long and metallic mouthpiece in the iNano is quite appropriate since the vapor is not going to get unbearably hot during usage.

The Eleaf iNano All-One-Kit comes complete with all the necessary equipment that you need to get started with vaping immediately, including a handy USB cable. Simply hook up your iNano to any charging device like a laptop, and afterwards, just fire it up to get started vaping.