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Eleaf has done it again! The Eleaf iStick 200W mod is taking the industry by storm. This device is great in design which gives it a great appearance, and the performance is out of this world. Even though separate batteries power the device, you will not have to worry about power at all. Recommendable batteries are Lithium-ion cells that have a minimum of 20A. This mod is very versatile and supports a variety of metals such as nickel, titanium, and steel. The Eleaf iStick blasts 200 watts, and the shape does not create any uncomforting while holding it in your hands.


Why Eleaf iStick 200W mod? The high wattage directly results to a very high performance. This device is highly protected with various protection features with firmware that can be upgraded in the future. Resistance range for both temperature and wattage shielded your device from damage. Any hard-hitting vape lover will like this one. Various people have different preferences, but this one will have everyone on the same page.

The protection levels vary and almost every feature of the vape has a security mechanism. There is the dual-circuit protection which as the name suggests protects the circuit of the device. When it comes to alerts, you cannot fully capture the types of alerts that this mod can raise. The alerts are Weak battery alert, check USB alert, and imbalanced alert, charge error alert, temperature alert and check battery alert. The alerts caution you against battery charge, temperature and compatibility issues. That means you will not have to monitor variables now and then.

The Eleaf mod comes with warranty, but that varies depending on where you buy. Nevertheless, the most popular warranty for the device is the 30-day warranty. This warranty does not cover the scratches because they are considered as wear and tear. On the tech department, the device does not miss any mark. The OLED Display screen is critical for information display while using the device. Micro USB charging port makes it easy to charge the device unlike using the normal USB cables. Also, the device can be improved using upgradable firmware to achieve better performances.

The Eleaf iStick 200W mod is a very useful device, and you will not get any disappointing once you put it in your hands. The important thing is to make sure you use three batteries of the same brand and charge them at the same time. The micro USB cable plays a key role in optimal charging. The manufacturers committed to producing a quality device, and they have more than satisfied the user demands. Try out this mod and enjoy the features that you read about.