Understanding the Functions of an Atomizer

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For many people, electronic cigarettes seem a little challenging. While the content surrounding this technology has largely been helpful, there are so many confusing factors of how an electronic cigarette works. A vaping beginner may not even know how or where to start due the many confusions surrounding products like the atomizer and other e-juice accessories. The following content will attempt to address the major misconceptions about the electronic cigarette.

When electronic cigarettes first debuted in the consumer market, it was basically the 3-piece design approach that caught the interest of many smokers and other interested people. This was the main model that started the revolution of electronic cigarettes. The three pieces included a battery, an atomizer, and finally the cartridge or tank that was used for holding the e-juice.

This was a very descent start; however, people soon discovered that there were some issues with the design. Having the cartridge and atomizer separate usually caused lots of leakage, particularly in the old models. However, progress moved faster than anyone thought it would. Within no time, the cartridge and atomizer were combined to create a more effective sealed cartomizer.

Nevertheless, even though the atomizer had already been integrated into the cartomizer, the development of atomizer technology still continued. It was further developed into dripping technology, which many vaping enthusiasts claim is the best way of vaping.

How does the atomizer work?

Different atomizers work differently. For instance, the popular Tobh Style 18650 Clear Top that you can get from gotmyvape.com is a unique product that allows you to watch as your build does its magic due to the clear top design feature. Basically, the atomizer, whether used alone like the Tobh Style 18650 Clear Top or inbuilt into a cartomizer, uses a small gauge wire as the heating element for vaporizing the e-juice.

If you want a more technical description, then let us consider another explanation of how the Tobh Style 18650 Clear Top from gotmyvape.com works. Looking internally at the build of the atomizer, there is a wire that is connected onto both the circuit board and power supply. Once the board is activated, the power is sent to two different places. The heating element gets the first dose of heat, and the micro-pump in the atomizer gets the second heat dose. The pump then forces e-juice through the Tobh Style 18650 Clear Top and it gets vaporized. This process will continue as long as the user sucks on the cigarette. Each model has its own unique process.

Where can I buy atomizers like the Tobh Style 18650 Clear Top?

Generally, atomizers are part of either a 3-piece or 2-piece electronic cigarette. The Tobh Style 18650 Clear Top atomizer is crucial for a great electronic smoking experience. This is something you must pay close attention to, and only buy from reputable sites like gotmyvape.com. This important part of electronic cigarettes determines the quality of vapor that your e-cigarette produces.

What is dripping?

Dripping is a popular vaping method that has been catching up with many consumers of electronic cigarettes. The main concept of dripping is very simple and self-explanatory, even on products like the Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohm. It is basically where you just drip the e-juice into your atomizer directly. By doing this, you are essentially bypassing the tank or the cartridge completely. You can get the Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohm from gotmyvape.com along with other electronic cigarette accessories. Here are some of the benefits of dripping:

Benefits of dripping with Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohms 

The first benefit that supports dripping with the Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohm is that it enhances the flavor and taste of the electronic juice. Provided you are using a clean atomizer, you are more likely to experience a better e-juice taste when dripping, compared to using the regular way. This is because you are essentially not forcing the electronic juice to sit there for a very long time in a cartridge or tank. In addition, old juice is not mixed with the new juice. All the electronic liquid will be burned up and finished during that vaping session, thus nothing remains.

Are there any drawbacks to using the Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohm?

The only drawback of dripping with Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohm is how inconvenient the process can be. This means you are limited to enjoying your vaping in places where you have the time and space to set up everything. However, this is not a very huge drawback considering the different kinds of drippers available at gotmyvape.com that you can use to have a truly rewarding smoking experience. You must be very careful when handling the e-juice as it can easily drip everywhere.

You can now order for the Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohm and a special 50VG/50PG special dripper blend together at gotmyvape.com. This particular dripper comes with nicotine strength of 3mg. It is advisable to start by ordering a small sample first if you’re not sure about the flavor.

Today, dripping is considered as the next phase of electronic cigarettes. Many people have found that the customization options with different flavors of e-juice and different drippers like the Innokin iClear 30B with Rotatable Drip Tip 2.1 ohm hard to resist. For such people, the best way of vaping is through dripping. In general, people who like using this method like mixing different flavors of e-juice to maximize their smoking experience. You can now get all your electronic cigarette smoking accessories at gotmyvape.com at great prices. The store is filled with the latest starter kits, DIY accessories, atomizers and tanks, PVS & MODS, e-juice and various other accessories.

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