God’s Nectar (35ML) E-Liquid by Beetle Juice Vapors – An Amazing Zero Calories Peach Tart

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God’s Nectar (35ML) E-Liquid by Beetle Juice Vapors – An Amazing Zero Calories Peach Tart

With the help of e-cigs, many smokers out there manage to quit smoking and give up on cigarettes, but are they really just for ex and future ex-smokers? The greatest thing about these devices is the fact that they are harmless so every person can enjoy the absolutely amazing experience called vaping. And one of the most important things about vaping is the e-liquid.

There are many types of e-liquids out there, with all sorts of tastes. Manufacturers know they have to offer products for both ex-smokers as well as people who just want something sweet and tasty and have never been into smoking. This has led to a surge of sweet e-liquids and finding a good product is becoming increasingly difficult. However, there’s a new product in town that can offer a vaping experience unseen before. That product is the God’s Nectar (35ML) E-Liquid by Beetle Juice Vapors.


Beetle Juice Vapors

God’s Nectar is manufactured by Beetle Juice Vapors, a well-known company for e-liquids. Their products feature only the highest-quality Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), which are the base of any e-liquid and are amongst the most important compounds. Beetle Juice Vapors offer an impressive selection of products, each and every one of them quite unique. Blueberry Hills, Miley, Bedrock, Riddler and Now and Later are some of the products they offer, and all of them have won the hearts of vape lovers. However, probably the most amazing e-liquid in their arsenal is God’s Nectar (35ML) E-Liquid by Beetle Juice Vapors.

An Amazing Array of Flavors

God’s Nectar has a carefully balanced 20% PG and 80% VG and main flavor ingredients of peach rings and gummy candy. Every fan of the peach flavor now has the chance to try this amazing e-liquid that offers a great mixture of rich, mouth-watering flavors, placing the highlights over the peach and creating a special tart peach taste. God’s Nectar can enhance the vaping experience, offering sweet but not too intrusive flavors that will fit tastes of all vapers. God’s Nectar can be a truly great after-dinner dessert alternative. Its awesome peach tart taste comes with absolutely no calories at all as it is just vapor and what better than a tart with zero calories?

A Must-Buy for Every Vaper

Bettle Juice Vapors offer the product in a 35ml package, providing the entire amount you need in just one package. God’s Nectar is really affordable and will put absolutely no pressure on your budget, and buying e-liquids can be quite expensive. Overall this is an absolutely amazing product that can reshape and enhance your vaping experience, a must-buy for every vaper out there.