Guava Fresca by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid (30ML

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Are you looking for a vape juice that is away from the typical e-juices in the current market? If that is you, then make sure to try the Guava Fresca by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid (30ML). Not only is the flavor unique, but you will also like the inhale-exhale impact on your body.


Guava Fresca by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid (30ML) comes in three primary flavors, namely: guava, papaya, and pineapple. Of course, the papaya and pineapple are also great, but the guava flavor is just unique. No vapor will find any disappointment in the e-liquid irrespective of the angle they criticize it. Anyone who is familiar with the guava taste should be eager to try this vape juice. The flavor is different from most e-liquids, and the difference is just too much. Guava is the primary note of this manufacturer.

Guava Fresca by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid (30ML) is processed in such a way that 70% is vegetable glycerin. The ingredients used are pharmaceutical approved, and you do not have to worry about the safety standards. In fact, this is one of the most trusted brands in the e-liquid industry. The way the juice fills your mouth and the sweet taste takes your vaping experience to another whole level. Guava e-liquid enthusiasts will always recommend this particular vape juice because of the quality and savory taste.

Guava Fresca by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid (30ML) comes in a 30-militer glass bottle that is well branded ensuring you do not get the wrong juice. The bottle has a good design with a stopper. In the nicotine department, this particular guava e-juice is available in all the standard levels. That is, you can get the 0, 3, 6, 12 mg per bottle. Non-tobacco users are not left out, so there is something for all the vapors who want a different, quality and tasty e-liquid.

The price tag on this product will vary depending on a store, but they are all at a reasonable range. Guava Fresca by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid (30ML) is cheap compared to the other products, as well as value for your money. Low price guarantees should not mislead you into thinking that the product is not up to the standards.

Do not be left out by the new migration in the vape world; vapors have had the chance to try out various products and this one has just been the best. Even though various people have different tastes they prefer, this product is where they all agree. Try this Guava vape juice and you will surely fall in love with it. Take your vaping experience to another new level!