Hannya Postless RDA by Blitz Enterprises

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When it comes to vaping, the Bltiz Enterprise is without a doubt a company that’s capable of delivering progressive designs throughout time with consistent quality. They prove this thoroughly with the Hannya Postless RDA which is engineered with the perfect combination of a post-less build deck, ample dual as well as single airflow which is adjustable, a deep well for your e-juice as well as a Honeycomb Delrin widebore drip tip which is most certainly capable of delivering a lot of vaping pleasures. The ability that the RDA provides you with – limitless wicking options – is here to show how the company is without a doubt leading the way for some incredibly serious atomizers for cloud chasing of significant superior quality.


The RDA comes with a spacious style which is going to enable a wide range of builds, including single or also dual coil configurations. It’s also going to provide you with limitless wicking options for your most appealing e-juice. There is a positive post in the middle section which is dully surrounded by a PEAK insulator. The two other holes are negative posts. Interestingly enough, this is an innovative method which is set to provide a wide range of high-level coils conductivity as well as additional resistance for proper vaping experience. This is without a doubt an essential RDA, which is capable for all sorts of cloud chasing experience that the majority of vape lovers long for.

Vaping Grows in Popularity

As the majority of countries are launching full blown anti-tobacco campaigns to increase the awareness of regular people of the negative effects that conventional smoking has on their organisms. It’s safe to say that the nicotine and the other harmful ingredients which are found in the cigarettes that a lot of people are smoking on a regular basis are capable of inflicting some serious long-term damage. One of the most concerning conditions is the cancer. However, contrary to what the majority of people tend to believe, cancer could take a wide range of forms, and it could impact not only your lungs but also your teeth, tongue, mouth, throat and whatever you think of that’s directly associated with smoking.

This is the main reason for which more and more people tend to switch to vaping. Even though it’s also not completely harmless, the risks which are associated with it are far more inconsiderable in comparison. Furthermore, you won’t be left with that terrible tobacco smell on your clothes and body after a night out with your friends.