King’s Crest Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid (30ML)

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The King’s Crest Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid comes with different flavor profiles, including pecan, chocolate, graham cracker, pie and whipped cream.

The flavors itself are a strong proof that you have some sweet time coming by using this e-liquid on your next vaping session. The packaging of this e-liquid comes in a glass with a childproof dripper cap. You can either choose between 120 or 30ml bottle, but if you would like to go for a more handy availability of your e-liquid, the 30ml would suffice.


Product Features

King’s Crest just did it again. The King’s Crest Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid has easily become a favorite among many vapers. With Don Juan Reserve, you can immediately think of a chocolate pecan pie, together with graham cracker for its pie crust, and then topped with delicious whipped cream. Surely, the description alone may have already made your mouth water.

The packaging of the Reserve bottle is somewhat similar to that of Duchess Reserve, with the only difference of having the gold letterings on it. The bottle will show you the warning description that you have to look into, but you may not be able to see the ingredients or even the batch number ready for you to see.

According to some reviews from other users, even those who may not really like the sweet taste of pecan pie may find themselves loving this juice. It is delightful and delicious at the same time. You can easily identify the pecan pie with some hints of graham cracker, alongside some chocolate flavor. Even though you may not really notice the whipped cream at first, but you can see according to the description that the flavor is there.

It is quite surprising that all of these wonderful flavors are combined together in order to create that sweet and amazingly savory dessert. Since this juice is mixed with complex flavors, you can taste and feel that there are a lot of things going on in the mixture. With each vape, you can experience a better, and difference sensation.

What You Can Expect

This King’s Crest Don Juan Reserve E-Liquid is highly recommended by some users to be vaped on its warmer side, so as to bring out its best flavor. Dripping is also suggested because the subtank may have the tendency to mute the flavor. Upon inhaling, you can easily taste the sweet creaminess, with almost milk vanilla flavor that is pleasant to the palate. You can also expect a taste of sweet honey out of the graham crackers. Exhaling is also a favorite because you can taste the sweet and savory flavor of the graham and pecan pie. This e-liquid will certainly be able to satisfy all of your cravings.