Liquid Nation De La Crème

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This De La Crème is the answer of Liquid Nation to those who are searching for an amazing juice. It offers a perfect combination of baked crème brulee and almonds with brown sugar as toppings. It also creates a worth-remembering, worth-tasting dessert flavored juice, embodying the best toast you can have. Each inhale of this e-liquid offers an amazing toast and sweetness of desirable baked almonds.


Product Features

The best part about using the De La Crème is that it is considered as 80% preferred choice. As such, you can have the assurance that you can experience natural sweetness, minus the heavy use of artificial sweeteners that usual PG flavors offer. It is silky and strikingly smooth, making a perfect choice for anybody who loves dripping, especially designed for vapers who want to taste quite a strong flavor profile, minus the nicotine. This high blend of VG is also perfect for cloud production, making it a great choice for anybody who wants to have that throat feel and full mouth. You can also expect to experience the vapor feel inside your tongue, releasing that authentic and unique French flavor delicacy that you will surely love.

At a very affordable price, the De La Crème is considered as one of the more competitive vape juices in terms of price. If you have a 15ml as a start off, you will be glad to know that you can also upgrade to a 30 ml bottle for just an additional $10. As a result, it can be comparable to other premium brands that are being currently offered on the market. For sure, you will never be disappointed, considering that you have a good price point, as well as the overall flavor that will certainly satisfy your cravings for a palatable vape juice.

Bottom Line

Indeed, Liquid Nation did it again with this e-liquid. It offers a very rich decadent flavor which can be connected with an actual crème brulee. As a matter of fact, you can easily taste the melting of warm brown sugar to the vanilla custard in every hit. It even seems like you can taste the layers of flavors in each inhale and exhale. If you are searching for a vape juice that you can have access to all day, the De La Crème offers a relaxing, sophisticated flavor which is really amazing, most especially if you consider yourself as a dessert fan. It is deeply satisfying and sweet, but it is not among those over-the-top chocolate flavors which usually dominate the market. By giving it a try, you can definitely see how it is different from other options that are currently being made available on the market these days.