Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML)

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The Lost Fog Collection has been well received by many vapers due to the unique taste and admirable smoke production that these products offer. Lost Fog has combined culinary arts from all over the world to bring several creative e-liquids into the market that are a must have for any serious vapor. One of the top sellers in the Lost Fog Collection is the Dapple Whip e-juice. Find out more details about the Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML) here below.

Introduction to the Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML)

The Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML) is a tasty e-juice courtesy of the well-received Lost Fog Collection. It is essentially the mixture of sweet and tart granny apple dipped in a warm caramel and later topped off with whipped cream. For many vapers, this e-liquid has delivered the best balance of sour and sweet, which means it can be used as a delicious all-day vape.


If you are a fan of apple taste in your e-juice as well as a very satisfying smoke, then you need to check out the all new Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML). People are excited about this unmatched sweet and sour taste of the granny apple, even those vapers who do not usually like apple taste have already fallen in love with this flavor. It is actually one of the best reproductions of apple and caramel that you can find on the vaping market today.

Just by looking at the sleek packaging you can tell that a lot of time went into the creation of the Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML). It comes packaged in a 30ML black bottle with an eye dropper mechanism for supreme ease of use. The 30ML bottle was actually a good idea so that vapers are able to use it the whole day without worrying about it running out.

In terms of throat hit as well as vapor production, the Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML) has been very well designed. Proper enjoyment of vaping is usually during exhaling when you are able to create some amazing clouds. Those who love big vapors when they are smoking will definitely enjoy using the Dapple Whip by Lost Fog. Even though the e-liquid may not be quite hard-hitting, it is still a pretty good hit, which any mouth-to-throat vapers will enjoy.

Overall Thoughts on the Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML)

The Lost Fog Dapple Whip (30ML) has proven itself to be a high-quality vape that can be used anytime during the day. It is packed with all the right flavors of granny apple, caramel, and whipped cream and it offers all these flavors in a nice throat hit. Try some today by placing an order here.

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