NumSkullz E-Liquid (60ML) Review

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Do you remember the Nerds candy that you used to buy on the corner stores?  The package of the NumSkullz E-Liquid (60ML) resembles the packing of the Nerds.  There is one distinct color on the right and another on the left that represents the various flavors.  This marketing strategy used by NumSkullz is being utilized by different companies all over the world.  They are referring to this as “Selling memories” wherein they will create something that highly resembles a product that reminds us of something that we are emotionally attached with.  The flavor of the e-liquid will also remind you of the innate taste of the Nerd Candy.  Here are more things that you should know about the NumSkullz E-Liquid.

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NumSkullz E-Liquid (60ML) Comprehensive Review

The NumSkullz E-Liquid (60ML) is inspired in both packaging and flavors of the classic Nerds.  The packaging will give you a hint that the vape juice is sold in two bottles with 30 ml each of distinct flavor. On one side of the box that has a shade of pink, you will find a bottle that contains a well-blend of banana and strawberry or what they called Stranana.  On the other side is a well-formulated mix of apple and watermelon or also known as wapple.  Based on the packaging, the ratio of VG and PG is around 70% to 30%, which means that it is ideal to use for high watt vaping.

The NumSkullz E-Liquid (60ML) is offered at different level of strength.  You may opt for 0-6 mg in strength. As of the moment, you will not be able to purchase these two flavors separately as the marketing strategy is designed that way.  Numskullz is the only company that offers the original flavor of the candy and the presentation.

Though other people may find it unnecessary to purchase two flavors of vape juice in one packaging, it seems that most of their consumers are delighted to the unique flavor that the e-juice is offering.  They were able to enjoy a perfect blend of different fruits in a sweet candy flavor.  In fact, the success of the NumSkullz E-Liquid (60ML) has prompted them to create different variation of this product.

In case that you do not like to mix the two bottles, you can use it separately so you will never be disappointed in purchasing this vape juice.  The popularity of NumSkullz E-Liquid (60ML) has instructed the other companies to jump to the latest fad and create their own version of Nerds Juice.  The e-juice is also offered in a glass bottle.  The use of glass bottle does not affect the authentic flavor of the cape juice compared to those e-liquid that use plastic.  It will not leave any peculiar “plastic taste” when you vape.