ProVari E-Cigarette American Flag Wrap

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If you’re a ProVari user and you relish distinctiveness, customize its overall look and color with a ProVari American Flag wrap – and smoke your way to patriotism.  ProVari wraps are exclusively crafted from Oracal and 3M vinyl. That explains their reliable, high-quality materials that keep the two industry-leading companies (3M and Oracal) at the top of the food chain. There is no finer vinyl anywhere for your ProVari. So stretch your coin and order one today.

This ProVari wrap is protected by a high-performance vinyl that boasts a durable 2 mil “over laminate” that prolongs the life of the American flag graphics printed on the ProVari wrap. It’s easy to install and easy to remove. To fit this ProVari American Flag wrap, you just need to peel and wrap your ProVari –its as simple as that. The best thing about this wrap is that it comes pre-cut, so the button and window holes are precisely cut to match your ProVari.

This wrap is available in two distinct sizes: ProVari regular and ProVari mini. Choose one that perfectly fits the exact size of your device. And if you have a ProVari with an extended end cap strip, fret not. There’s an optional size for extended end cap ProVari e-cigs. Get this wrap and customize the look and color of your ProVari with the American flag wrap, which not only screams patriotism, but also wholly protects your device giving it a smooth and modish design.

But what’s the point of having a sleek looking wrap on your electronic cigarette if you don’t have a high-performance battery? It’s futile. If you are equally looking for a reliable, high-quality e-cig battery pack, Sony 30A VTC4 18650 Battery 2100 mAh is the best you’ll ever find. Order a pack while getting yourself that modish flag wrap. Forget conventional e-cig batteries with questionable company and model names. Sony is a recognized brand hence trustworthy.

This battery pack gives you good value for your money. Sony 30A VTC4 18650 batteries are high quality and very solid. Unlike many other batteries, this battery back has a high discharge rate and is one of the few best batteries for sub-ohm coil builds. Sony 30A VTC4 18650 Battery 2100 mAh battery pack is 65mm in length x 18mm in diameter. Both top and bottom of each battery is flat, and 30A is their maximum continuous charge.

Each battery contained in the pack has a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts, with the lowest discharge voltage ranging at 2.5 volts. These batteries boast a capacity of 2100 mAh each and a maximum charging rate of 2 amps. For safety purposes, don’t leave these batteries unattended. Ensure also never to discharge them below the 2.5 voltage mark lest you reduce their lifespan.