Siegelei 213W TC Starter Kit Bundle

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It cannot get better than this; top-notch technology, 213W MOD, vape tanks to choose from and powerful LG batteries in one bundle. You get to choose and also save yourself a lot of money at the same time. This product has come to help you get everything in at one go.



The 213W MOD gets a when it comes to the 213 watts it fires up when giving you efficiency at the best. The wattage varies, and the range starts at a minimum of 10 watts to over 200 watts. One cannot fail to notice the appealing look of the exterior which is designed with carbon fiber and a gold-zinc alloy. The exterior is built in a way that it is attractive and very easy to handle because if the handle and the light weight. Another great thing about the 213W MOD is the OLED display screen which provides a lot of information.


The two LG HE4 18650 batteries are very effective and design to serve you as long as you can imagine. These batteries are created in such a way they are durable and not bulky. The batteries are part of the Siegelei 213w TC starter kit bundle which makes the deal even better. Nevertheless, there are no side panels to slide and change the batteries when the need arises.


One is spoilt for choices when it comes to tanks that they can use in this kit bundle. The tanks are: Siegelei moonshot tank, crown sub tank by Uwell and sense Bajaida mermaid v2 tank. The Siegelei moonshot tank comes with one rebuild-able tank atomizer (RTA), a glass tube, Allen key and additional screws. The tank handles airflow well thanks to the deck that has very large holes. The crown sub tank is versatile with a 120 Watts power performance that will not disappoint you while the sense Baijada mermaid tank also has an incredible performance with parallel tri-coils.


The price for the Sigelei 213w TC starter kit bundle is very affordable for what you get. An average price tag of $145 is a great deal if compared to buying the various kit bundle components separately. Seigel got almost everything right with this kit bundle. The vape mod alone is reliable because of the features, and you cannot fail to acknowledge the temperature control capabilities and the output.

If you are after versatility, performance and quality of this bundle will give you more than that for the price. Everything about this bundle is great, and you are not going to get disappointed for spending your money.  However, make sure you get the kit bundle from reliable stores to avoid buying counterfeits.