Strawberry Crème by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid (30ML)

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The primary flavors of this e-liquid are strawberry and crème, as suggested by the name. However, this juice is undoubtedly far from the so-called standard strawberry e-liquids that are available on the market these days. It combines together traditional strawberries and crème, revolutionizing the ultimate concept behind its fruity and creamy flavor profiles. With this juice’s first draw, you can experience it filling your tongue with that great combination of strawberries, along with heavy cream. At the same time, the back note also finishes with an equal balance of whipped crème and light berry. A 30 ml bottle will surely give you access to this liquid anywhere you may go.

E-Liquid Features

Have you always been a lover of strawberries and crème in your favorite dessert? Why not take that awesome experience in your every hit? With this Strawberry Crème by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid, such an amazing explosion of these two flavors combined. What makes it more interesting is that it does not follow the suit of those standard options available under this flavor. As a matter of fact, it has completely revolutionized the concept of its flavor profile.


There are a lot of things that you can expect in every hit of this amazing e-liquid. For one, the first note will hit you off with a powerful combination of strawberries filled with heavy cream. As you enjoy everything in between, you will then expect a back note for a balanced flavor of light berry, as well as whipped cream. What more can you ask more? This e-liquid will certainly satisfy all your cravings for something sweet and strawberry!

The Crème de la Crème line is famous for offering amazing concoctions, particularly focusing on those individual vapers who are interested in tasting something sweet and creamy. With the outburst of strawberry, vanilla and cream, you will certainly be able to conclude that this e-liquid is everything sort of heavenly. This elite juice also comes with a high VG:PG ratio, thus providing the assurance that you can expect a lot of vapor production while maintain a smooth sensation on your throat.

By getting for yourself a 30 ml bottle of the Strawberry Crème by Crème de la Crème E-Liquid, you can make sure that you have enough availability of this juice, accessible for you wherever, and whenever you may need it. You will also be happy to note the reaction of those around you as you hit this juice. Gone are the days of flustered eyebrows, annoyed with the nasty smell of a traditional smoke. With this e-liquid, you will enjoy the hit as much as others will also do.