Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML) Review

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Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML) Review

The latest fad in the industry of e-liquid is to replicate the taste of the candy by using distinctive fruity flavor.  The products of Taffy Man are no difference such as the Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML).  This vape juice achieves an ideal balance of the sour and sweet flavor of green apple.  From the same company that brought us the TR4 Blu, which is made from excellent fixings, we can guarantee that this latest offering from Taffy Man is also formulated using the high-quality ingredients.


Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML)

Nowadays, it is not so rare for you to see an e-liquid that utilizes the sweet fruity flavor such as apples, strawberry, watermelon, and banana.  In fact, every manufacturers of vape juice have their own variation of this e-liquid.  But what set Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML) apart from its rivals would be the natural flavors that it brings.  Taffy Man was able to achieve a perfect balance between the sour taste of green apple and the sugary taste of a sweet candy.

The Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML) is available in different strength.  You may choose 0, 3 or 6 mg of nicotine.  The juice was contained in a glass bottle which does not affect the authentic flavor of the juice.  As opposed to plastic bottles with low tolerance against e-liquid and leave an undesirable taste in your mouth, the glass bottle has a high resistance against the substance present in the E-liquid.  The mix of sweet and sour taste of the vape juice is perfect for those with a sweet tooth but is looking for variety in taste.

The packaging of the Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML) comes in a green carton box with branding that reflects the other products of Taffy Man.  This B1G Apple is the most recent addition in the e-liquid collection of Taffy Man.  Similar with their offering the ratio of this vape juice would be 70% VG to 30% PG.  The wonderful blend of saltwater and sour apple will surely leave you wanting for more and in a deep state of ecstasy.

Overall weight of the Taffy Man B1G APL E-Liquid (30ML) with its packaging is around 0.13 kilograms.  Made from the best fixings that are used in creating other offerings by Taffy Man, the natural taste of the green apple was combined with the taffy man salt water and created the best green apple e liquid juice in the market.  In case that you are looking for a vape juice that offers the organic flavor of fruits  that truly sets you in a state of euphoria, then this B1G Apple manufactured by Taffy Man will serves you right.