Tesla Shadow Tank

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If you want to know about the Tesla shadow tank, you are reading the right article. Once you are done with reading, you will know every detail about this vape tank. Tesla Shadow comes with a 0.28-ohm inbuilt coil. The good thing is that the coil heads come two, and the power performance is very good. The tank doesn’t overheat so the temperatures should not worry you when vaping. Let’s take a look at the components of this tank keenly.


Tesla Shadow tank has a coil (inbuilt) that operates at 0.28 ohms and at a wattage of 60 watts. This kind of a tank is ideal for the mid-range kind of a set up. Such wattage means that the tank works well as a part of a bundle kit of very many products. Again, you can pair it up with other devices without failing you with good performance.

If you are wondering whether the tank is great, then try to understand the number of mods that can use it comfortable. Great mod brands work well with tanks because of the connectivity and the measurements in dimensions are just perfect. The design of everything about the tank is genius.  An atomizer connection allows the console to sit lower than the upper part of the black vaporizer. That means the mouth piece is not only well designed but also the sticks high up making idea and perfect.

The tank may fail to fit into some kit bundles, but these are the low cost rarely used type of grouped vaping tools when it comes to flow of air. The two adjustable holes allow air into the base of the tank. All the vapors who have tried this product find it more appealing and easy to inhale and exhale. Using the tanks makes the vaping process exciting, and you get maximum pleasure when the nicotine kicks in.

One great thing about the Tesla shadow tank is that it is designed in such a way it is easy to remove it in the case you want to refill the e-liquid. You will not have to dismantle the vape bundle kit in order to get the e-juice full and enjoy vaping once again. The glass tube holds up to 3.5-militer of e-juice, which is not so bad when you consider it, is refillable without removing the tank. Again, Tesla shadow has no leak issues, which is great news, especially when washing the tank.

Tesla Shadow Tank has not disappointed on this one since they still offer the vape market something great to celebrate. There are to color types of the cap. One black and the other is stainless steel. The Tesla Shadow tank is great for any bundle kit that a vapor wants. Do not be left out!

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