Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit – Small But Powerful

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The first thing that you notice about the Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit is that it is small. It combines Tesla’s Shadow Tank and Stealth mod to provide a compact design that’s effective and efficient. Its firing button is found at the top and features ergonomic curves to make it comfortable to hold.

The Tesla Stealth 100W kit is a good output device that comes with a 2,200mAh battery. It has a max wattage capacity of 100 watts. The atomizer has a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm. And to complement the stealth mod is the Shadow Tank, which has a minimal design. It also comes with a 3 ml juice reservoir, adjustable airflow control, and Shadow Coil system. However, you can replace the Tesla Shadow tank with any tank or atomizer that has a diameter of up to 22.5 mm. The tank slot allows the user to hide the tanks below the surface. That way you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag.


The Design

You can have peace of mind carrying the Tesla Stealth inside your pocket. You don’t need to worry about auto firing. And because it is shorter than other devices on the market today, it is more portable and easy to use. And because the tank is seated in the case, it contributes to its small size. It has a top mounted firing button that contributes to the ergonomic design of the mod. It is lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing its functionality.


The Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit is a compact version of other Tesla’s vaping kits. It includes all the advanced features of other mods from the company that include custom Stealth tank, temperature control, and bottom cooling ports, just to name a few. The chipset inside the mod is just as capable as any other mod. And don’t be misled by its size because the Tesla Stealth 100W Mod is just as capable as mods twice its size.

The best thing about Tesla Stealth Mod is that it was designed as a pass through vaping device. Even if the battery is dead, you can use the mod to vape while plugged in a micro USB port. There’s no need to wait for the battery to complete its charging.

If you are new to temperature control, then get the Tesla Stealth 100W Starter Kit. It is a portable mod that already has a settings and configurations to maintain quality and safety. It is a user-friendly starter kit for people of all sizes. It fits in your hand, unlike other mods that are hard to handle even for people with large hands. And because of its battery capacity, it can be used all throughout the day.