The Delicate yet Mouth-Watering Taffy Man h20BRY E-Liquid (30ML)

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The Delicate yet Mouth-Watering Taffy Man h20BRY E-Liquid (30ML)

E-liquids are amongst the most important factors of your vaping experience. They can really enhance vaping or ruin everything, no matter how good your e-cig kit is. They come in all tastes and types, and the sweet ones are amongst the most popular one. And for a good reason – an excellent e-liquid can be a delight for the senses of the vaper. Taffy Man is amongst the most reputable e-liquid manufacturer out there, and their products have caused a sensation. But who are Taffy Man and what do they offer?


What Taffy Man Have to Offer

Taffy Man is an US-based e-liquid manufacturer with their headquarters located in California. Currently, Taffy Man offer three high-quality e-liquids – the TR4 Blue, Gr8ape, and h20BRY. Each and every product of the company is extremely tasty, made from only the finest Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. The company manages to create a great balance between VG and PG, and this is one of the most important aspects of every good e-liquid. Its products come in 30ml glass bottles with an eye-catching label that contains all the information you might need. They have reliable dropper top caps and are enclosed in catchy and colorful boxes.

A Sweet Sensation You’ve Never Experienced Before

Although Taffy Man h20BRY E-Liquid (30ML) is still a fairly new product, it has already become extremely popular amongst the vape community. It offers a mouth-watering experience with crisp and sweet watermelon taffy and a pinch of strawberry. This fresh combination is quite suitable for any time of the year, and you can never get tired of it. And just like all other products of Taffy Man, the h20BRY E-Liquid is a balanced product that, while it is sweet, it doesn’t have the pushy and intrusive flavor of other sweet e-liquids, which could ruin the whole experience. The base of this e-liquid, the watermelon flavor, is quite refreshing and extremely tasty. However, the beauty is in the details is when it comes to the h20BRY, the hint of strawberry really enhances the overall experience. You notice the subtle and refined taste of strawberry right when you exhale, and you simply want more and more of it.

A Must-Buy for Any Vaper Out There

It is safe to say that Taffy Man h20BRY E-Liquid is amongst the best products on the market to this date. It is different from Taffy Man’s other products, but it is a valuable addition to their selection of products and with its delicate and balanced flavors, along with the affordable price it has, it will most certainly become one of your favorite e-liquids out there.