The Eleaf iNano Atomizer Tank & Coil – a Must for Every iNano Kit Owner

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Many vapers out there have an iNano on-the-go kit, which is one of the most reliable and high-quality e-cig kits on the market. And one of the most important components of every single kit is the atomizer. An unreliable and low-quality atomizer can make your whole vaping experience a nightmare, no matter what e-liquid you are using. In fact, it is safe to say that the atomizer is the most important aspect of vaping. And one of the best ways to make most of your iNano on-the-go kit is to combine it with Eleaf’s iNano Atomizer Tank & Coil.


An Impressive Minimalistic Design

The iNano Atomizer Tank & Coil has three separate parts – a connector for the iNano battery, a liquid tank, and a top section. It has a clean and minimalistic design with no fancy colors and unnecessary complications, a stylish and elegant atomizer in silver color with transparent glass tank. The whole device is 59 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter, so it fits perfectly in the iNano battery. All you have to do is insert it, and the magnetic connector of the iNano box will lock it safely in position.

Simplicity and Effectiveness

Although the iNano Atomizer Tank & Coil has a simple structure and is quite easy to use, it is really effective and offers probably the best vaping experience out there. It has a solid glass tube which is transparent so you can always see how much liquid is remaining in the tank and you know exactly how much more it needs. Despite the fact that the atomizer is quite small, filling the 0.8 ml tank with e-juice is a breeze, and its storage capacity ensures that you will have all the liquid you need for the day, no matter how much you vape.

A Balanced Resistance for a Great Experience

When we talk about atomizers, resistance is one of the things vapers pay special attention to and for a good reason. The Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) of the iNano atomizer is a high-tier, changeable coil and its 1.2-ohm resistance ensures an amazing vape with every single inhale. An extremely balanced resistance that guarantees you will never experience a burnt taste in your mouth, and it will not damage the battery or produce insufficient vape. With the BVC, you get a long-lansting flavor and an efficient vaping production, and that is one of the most important things when it comes to a great vaping experience.

In Conclusion

Overall, this is a simple and stylish, yet really efficient atomizer that will enhance your whole vaping experience, especially if you combine it with the iNano battery. It is a great addition to you vaping tools and is an absolutely must for vapers who own the iNano kit.