The Incredible I Love Taffy Experience Provided by Mad Hatter

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We all know the importance of e-liquids as they can enhance the whole experience. But with so many manufacturers out there and the vast selection of products available on the market, choosing a good e-liquid can be quite difficult. One can’t just buy a ton of liquids and try them all in order to find the one that suits him or her most. Finding a good sweet e-liquid can be a daunting task – you have to look for balance, quality ingredients, it must be sweet but not too sweet. This is a combination that is hard to find, but there is one product that offers precisely that and much more. This product is called I Love Taffy and is made by the guys at Mad Hatter.


I Love Taffy’s Flavor

The I Love Taffy juice has a distinct flavor that will certainly be appreciated by every single vaper out there, even those who are not fans of the sweet candy e-liquids. It has an incredible and delicate sweet flavor, and every single inhale will ensure a mouth-watering sensation. In fact, you will think that you have never tasted a more fresh peach in your life. It has a hint of candy toffee flavor, which adds something special to every inhale without dominating the peach flavor. But it is when you exhale that you get the full range of flavors of I Love Taffy.

VG and PG Balance

The base of I Love Taffy consists of high-quality Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, which are extremely important for every e-liquid. The VG in I Love Taffy is 70%, so you might be better of using it with a dripper, but those with sub-ohm tanks will also be able to enjoy it.

A Great All-Day E-Liquid

Although many sweet e-liquids a best used just occasionally like a dessert, the I Love Taffy E-Liquid by Mad Hatter is a great all-day vape that will leave you wanting more. It is really fresh and tasty, and it is safe to say that it tastes just like the real thing. And even though some might think that the 60 ml bottle is a bit too much, it is actually quite handy as you won’t have order a new liquid so often and avoid the prospect of being left with absolutely no e-liquids as you wait for the delivery.

The Verdict

In conclusion, I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter (60ML) is an absolutely amazing product that offers a truly astonishing vaping experience full of wonderful flavors. The bottle contains plenty of liquid so you won’t have to order often and it is quite affordable. A great product that will be appreciated by every single vaper out there, whether you like sweet juices or not!