The Sense Herakles RTA Tank Atomizer

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The Sense Herakles is one of the best performance rebuildable tank atomizers you can find on the market today. It features a huge 6mL tank capacity that offers you an easy to build dual terminal. Filling the tank is easy with the threaded system refill on the top. This system works together with the adjustable wicking system to allow you to seal the wicking port which will eliminate any flooding.


The Herakles RTA is made from precision machinery that features intricate details and architecture. The larger deck size provides you high power for your coil configurations. Coil mounting is a breeze with the quad 2.5 mm size in the terminal postings.

Structure and Design

The design structure offers a straight channel chimney which will allow for much faster and more rapid delivery of the vapor-liquid into the wide bore tip. The top fill is easily completed with a twisting method to open up the 6mL reservoir. This system works together with the adjustable wicking port.

Made and constructed from high-grade steel, the Sense Herakles RTA use peek insulators in cooperation with coper plated contacts which will give you an ultra-high level of resistance to heat and conductivity to electricity.

Sense is known as a revolutionary company in the industry of vaping equipment. They focused on enlarging the chambers and creating a better flow of air throughout. Airflow in this system is unparalleled and allows for dual air slots to help feed the liquid through the massive tubes in this much larger chamber.


If you are looking to join the rebuildable market of vaping, then this is the way to go. The Sense Herakles RTA features a direct airflow coil, a top filling function to prevent any leakage or flooding and a wide bore tip that will create an unusual excitement amongst rebuilders. The larger post holes allow for a bigger combination of wire to be placed without any issues.  The Pyrex glass tank is unlike any other. It fits well with any bigger mod boxes but still works great with much smaller devices. What really makes this system stand out amongst competitors and become top performer is the massive airflow it allows. Instead of the traditional generic airflow other systems offer, this system gives users both an exterior and quad interior airflow, for better performance.

And another added benefit is the prevention of any leaks or flooding. The top fill tank provides you with superior wicking ports that will prevent any floods or leaks from happening. So if you are tired of wasting liquid on spills, this is the rebuilding kit for you to create the e-cig you’ve dreamed of.

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