Wotofo Troll RDA V2

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The Wotofo Troll RDA V2 is the latest model form the company. What makes it different from the first model is that it is equipped with a velocity style deck rather than the usual split center post, thus providing an alternate configuration for the airflow. It also has a massive juice well. This RDA is often described as straightforward and simple, which is also great.


Product Features

The machine and system used in this model are quite good. In fact, it can compete really well with other atomizers under this category. Indeed, the company has certainly stepped up in their machining in order to match the quality standards in this industry. This atomizer does not feel cheap at all, and the quality is really good. What makes it different from the other velocity style decks under this price category, this model from Wotofo does not come with posts that lean towards the side. It stands vertical, perfectly.

At the same time, its O-ring tolerances are also tight. As such, it is quite difficult to remove the airflow controller and outer barrel out when you need to have it re-dripped. The good news is that the drip tips that are included are wide enough in order to make it possible for easy dripping. However, if you have rubber gloves with you when rebuilding it, you will definitely need them. The build deck is also a good replacement to the traditional three posts, as well as split center post decks form other models.

It is also equipped with a juice well which is 10mm deep, with the capability to hold a lot of juice. It totally removes the need to constantly drip it. As such, it may be considered as a drip-and-go model of atomizer. Its wide bore drip tips enable you to use it for easy dripping; something that you can even does while walking. However, just to set expectations, you might need to be careful, since tilting the mod when it is full may result to leakage.

The airflow controller is also straightforward to use, providing a good number of options. You may also select among three offset horizontal slots, as well as three diagonal slots. In each of these configurations, you may easily adjust the airflow. All you have to do is to turn the top cap section that rotates the inside sleeve. The draw of this model is also smooth, thus allowing for a lot of airflow. When it is wide open, you can see a little restriction, which will certainly satisfy the cravings of all cloud chasers there. It may be closed down in order to have a restricted lung hit, which may not be enough to have a mouth-to-lung draw.