Wotofo Troll RDA V2 Review

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Wotofo Troll RDA V2 is the most recent RDA model created by Wotofo it is consequently the second iteration version of Troll RDA.  This model has a Velocity-themed deck as a replacement for the split post.  It also comes with an optional airflow configuration as well as the ability to contain massive juice.  What will strike you first about this type of RDA would be its simplicity.  Most of the time, simplicity evokes excellence.  Let us analyze if that simple configuration works for the Troll RDA V2.


Wotofo Troll RDA V2 Features

The kit of Wotofo Troll RDA V2 contains added O-rings, extra screw, screw driver, cotton pad, twisted coils, chuff cap, stainless drip and the Troll RDA.    One commendable feature of this RDA is the machining.  It is definitely on the same level of machining of the top atomizers that is around the same range.  The machining can be compared to the Geek Vape and the Vaping 360.  Compared to the atomizers that also have Velocity deck, the post is pretty stable when you stand it vertically.  The O-rings that can be found on both of the edges are too tight that makes it a bit challenging to remove the airflow configuration and barrel for re-dripping.  Luckily there is an integrated drip tips that makes it possible for simple dripping.

When it comes to the built deck of the Wotofo Troll RDA V2, you will notice a very typical design from the Velocity-themed deck.  The large post-holes measures at about 2.7 mm.  One of the most laudable aspects of this atomizer is the simple-build.  The building of this RDA is pretty basic, and the large holes present will allow you to fit the wires with ease.  You do not need to bend the lead due to the holes located vertically in every post.  It seems that this will become the new standard in the velocity-themed deck.

When it comes to the juice, the container measures a 10mm depth which let it contain massive amount of juice.  Getting your nicotine fix is now more convenient.  The airflow configuration is also basic but still it provides additional options.    You are free to choose the three-diagonal or the three-horizontal slot.  The airflow can easily be adjusted by rotating the top cap of the Wotofo Troll RDA V2.  It is very wide and a very short restriction that will surely be suitable for different types of vapers.  One of the drawbacks of this atomizer is the plain aesthetic appeal.  The troll face embedded on the RDA looks hideous.  But aside from that, every aspects of the RDA has been carefully designed.  Performance wise, the taste is beyond the level of the atomizers around this price range.

All in all, the Wotofo Troll RDA V2 is by far the best atomizer around its price range.  Flavor is above average, and the vape is dense.

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